What is NEMT?

Medicaid NEMT or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a phrase typically used to describe a transportation benefit for Medicaid or Medicare members that ensures eligible patients can get to and from their medical appointments, the pharmacy, urgent care, or the hospital. Trips are non-emergency in nature, meaning there is no immediate threat to the health or life of the participant, and no elements of life support are required in the vehicle during the trip. Patients may require NEMT for a variety of reasons, including: lack of a valid driver’s license, lack of a working vehicle, geographic isolation, or the inability to take traditional transportation for physical, mental, or developmental reasons. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation exists to ensure that participants have access to routine and preventative care, increasing overall health outcomes and avoiding costly ambulance bills or emergency room visits. NEMT is especially important for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD, or asthma.

How does it work?

Chekwas is a complete transportation broker, offering a next-generation solution to the logistical challenges of NEMT. We’ve revolutionized NEMT with a technology-first approach that brings the breakthroughs of consumer transportation to the medical industry. Real-time dashboards, supply and demand analytics, and member and provider apps remove the need for traditional dispatch methods and manual trip reporting. Instead of the traditional fixed fleets that have a difficult time scaling when demand is high (and leave providers with a surplus of vehicles on the road when demand is low) Chekwas’ Fleets are flexible, allowing capacity to be rapidly scaled up and down in minutes to meet demand changes. Our dynamic supply system constantly manages and optimizes the right supply levels for different modes across geographies (both urban and rural), ensuring that every member gets picked up on time.